Monday, July 31, 2006

Cricket Cell Phone Service

Updated : Dec 28th 2006

Maybe you've heard of Cricket, they're the cell phone company with insane prices like $45 dollars a month for unlimited everything plus you don't need a contract.

So what's the catch ?

You pay full price for the cell phone.

Cricket currently offers 9 cell phones ranging in price from $100 to $300.

Note : Cricket changes their phone information often - please click the phone model to see their current phones and prices. Some phones are not listed until you enter your location !

  • Phone Name -------- $Store Price / $Web Price
Kyocera models :
Motorola models :
  • w315 ---------------- $140 / $120
  • RAZR V3C -------- $280 / $260
UTStarcom models :
Nokia models :
  • 6165i ---------------- $200 / $180
  • 6256i ---------------- $300 / $280

Your plan only includes calls made from your "home calling area"

What does this mean to you ? Here's how Cricket explains it in their "Terms of Service" :

(e) Cricket Rate Plans, upgrades, and service enhancements require outgoing calls be made from within your home calling area. If calls are made outside your home calling area, the call may not go through and you may be charged additional fees, surcharges, regulatory charges, taxes, and other amounts.

Please read the Crickets Terms of Service carefully because there is A LOT of important stuff in there that will effect you and may end up costing you money.


The Cricket prices look too good to be true because they are too good to be true !

Yes there is no contract.
Yes the calling plan prices are great.
No you will not get a great deal on a phone.
No this will not work like a regular cell phone service.

So if you plan on using Cricket mobile be aware that when you go out of town things may get a bit tricky !

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