Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Solved : Keyboard media keys (next, pause) stop working with Spotify

For the past week or so I've had this really annoying problem.  Randomly the media keys on my Toshiba laptop would stop working, so I could only switch songs if I stopped what I was doing, went back to spotify, then moved the mouse and clicked the next button like some kind of cave man.

I Google'd it several times and the fixes would work, but not for very long before they problem started again.  I tried drivers and all kinds of stuff.  Made sure my Chrome didn't have a Google Music extension (common cause of this bug).

I solved this problem by closing iTunes.  After that my media keys work perfectly again.  While iTunes was open it was trying to retake control of the media keys like some kind of nazi every few seconds.  Which is why the fixes worked, but not for long.

So if your media keys don't work in spotify close whatever over music player shit you have open, yo.