Thursday, May 06, 2010

The new Google search layout is bad

The main problem with the new layout (seen below) is that it diminishes search result real estate to include a sidebar that adds little extra functionality.  Almost all of those features were previously just one click away, there when I need them and out of the way when I don't.  But in this new layout they are there taking up screen space, cramping the search results with no regard for what the user wants.  In fact, if I don't want it there isn't a clear way to hide it.  This is a design fail.

To make matters worse most of the sidebar stuff is redundant, the exact same links are mere inches above.

 The astute Googler will notice that the sidebar "more" link in the new layout actually contain different content than the "more" at the top of the screen.  The "more" at the top of the page is for other Google services while the "more" on the sidebar is for (drum roll) images, videos, maps, news, etc search results.  This, once again, is redundant.  The exact same features are at the very top of the page.  How this idea even made it out of the conference room is beyond me.

 For the record, here is the other layout :