Thursday, June 21, 2018

Audacity Windows 10 - "Error opening sound device"

There are several causes and fixed for this but this is what worked for me to get Audacity to record normally in Windows 10.

- settings
- privacy
- microphone
- enable "Allow apps to access microphone"

When that setting is off Audacity in Win10 always gives me "Error opening sound device". Soon as I change that setting to Enabled everything works fine.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

My nightmare upgrading with Verizon

Unfortunately in December I upgraded to the Moto Z2 with Verizon.  It has a well known issue with wifi disconnecting.  Google shows a staggering 53,000 pages related to this issue.

I have contacted VZ many times about this and even had a replacement phone sent.  The issue still persist.  Just like everyone else with this issue nothing seems to fix it.  Mid February I tweeted to both VZ and Motorola about this.  Motorola replied and said they know about the issue and are working to fix it.  But everytime I speak with VZ they say "it's not a known issue, we've never heard of this, we don't know what's going on".

What's going on is VZ wants me to keep paying on this phone and doesn't want to eat the cost by taking the phone back and giving me a different model.  I have 2 wifi routers and 3 Androids.  Out of the Androids the Moto Z2 is by far the nicest and most expensive - it is also the only one which can't stay on EITHER wifi network.

The issue is intermittent and sporadic.  Some days it doesn't happen at all, some days it will disconnect 10+ times.  I've seen it disconnect / reconnect several times in less than 5min.  Also noted sometimes when it says it's on wifi it's actually not.  I can see the wifi icon but an app will start throwing errors because there is no data connection.  Please note : this only happens on the Moto Z2. Other devices on the same wifi continue to work normally.

I have given VZ many chances to "do the right thing" and swap out this phone but they refuse.  They want to play the blame game and pretend the problem is NOT the phone so they don't have to eat the cost of a bad phone.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Toshiba E55 Satellite - Charge and power indicator lights dont come on when plugged in

Issue : Toshiba E55 Satellite wont turn on, is plugged in but none of the charge lights are on.  Press power button and a white light flashes a few times.

My fix : Open the laptop and unplug the battery then plugin the charger.  Do not reconnect battery.

I searched the web on this issue and several people said to unplug the battery, wait some, then plug it back in then try to charge it again.  I did this several times but the charge and power lights never come on.  But with the battery disconnected the charge and power lights come on and the laptop boots.

Conclusion : Battery is probably fried and is causing a glitch in the laptop power systems

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dropbox - show folder size

The Dropbox web interface is not super intuitive but there is a way to show the folder size, it's just a little hidden.

- login to your dropbox

At the top click where it says Modified and in the drop down change it to Size

- After it's changed from Modified to Size click the check box next to the folder you're interested in.

- Now on the right hand side at the bottom should be a new link called Calculate Size

Note : if the folder is big it may take a while for it to calculate the size.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Houston Astos Chrome Theme

This theme uses the Houston Astos orange, blue, red color scheme.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Serious iPhone sync issue

Just got a new iPhone SE and have been making tracks in Garage Band for about a week.  Plugged into the PC and iTunes ask something about do I want to authorize the purchases on this device or something like that.  I cancel out, change nothing on the phone, then unplug. 

After this I notice several icons are missing, including Garage Band.  After re-installing it all 30+ of my Garage Band tracks are gone.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Windows 10 - Toshiba Satellite e55 running hot

In Win8 I watched my temps closely and was usually around 38 to 44 c under a normal load.  However since upgrading to Win10 I noticed my normal idle temps were around +45c.  Even if the computer was untouched for several minutes and the task manager said CPU usage was below 5% the CPU temps would remain high and the CPU frequency would remain high.

After installing some Toshiba drivers and switching the battery / power mode to the Toshiba's "eco" mode the temps and CPU frequency dropped immediately.  As I make this post my CPU ghz is at .78 and my temp is 40c.  Before changing to Eco the CPU mhz were constantly around 1.3+ ghz even at idle.  So even when the CPU was doing nothing Windows 10 was not scaling down the CPU freq the way it should.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Centos 7 trouble with Grub and dual booting Windows 7

Just installed Centos 7 and realized Windows is not in the boot menu. Searching turns up a lot of advice saying to edit this file
and to add some code, and then run this
grub2-mkconfig --output=/boot/grub2/grub.cfg
In my case this does not help. The Windows installation is still not detected even though I can see it on fdisk -l and have triple checked all of the commands and partition numbers. But the utility Grub Customizer is able to see the Windows partition!

 When trying to make the list I got an error about no such file, to fix this I clicked

File > Change Environment

and then changed the references to fedora to centos (confirmed via console).

 In summary :

 - for some reason sometimes grub2-mkconfig can't see Windows

 - but if you install Grub Customizer it can

 - if it gives you an error make sure the paths are right in File > Change Environment

NOTE : if you get the error and have to fix the file paths be sure to click check box Save Configuration, restart Grub Customizer, then try again