Friday, June 23, 2006

Is Digg Being HiJacked ?

Hi Reddit dudes plz help me get my pw back! :)

Digg, we know it, we love it, we breath it.

Ok well maybe not all that. But at least we enjoy it. A nice tech site with a user based content submission system. You know the concept, it's an easy yet genius one a lot of news site have over looked. Let the users chose what news is important to them.

But is this system being exploited by people just out to make a buck ? And if so what is the scale of such manipulation ?

The answer to the first question is yes. The answer to the second question is much harder to gather. I have seen in at least one forum groups of users engaged in plots to artificially boost their digg article ratings.

From the five page thread devoted to artificially inflating digg post :

" Hi guys,

The last Digg thread was quite successful for some, so I thought I will start another one. Simply post links to your Digg stories on this thread. "


" dugg dugg dugg, damn my finger is tried...
now digg mine story about stupid plastic surgery "

How often does this occur on digg ? No one can know. But what we do know is that this undermines the very nature of the site all so someone can try to make a few bucks. Ya I'm a webmaster too and I'm broke to boot. But you won't find me trying to cheat digg just to get on the front page.

There's another word for this type of thing, it's called hijacking.

But don't let the actions of a few users paint a bad image on the Digital Point forums. It's not about this forum or these users, rather it's about the future of digg and it's current exploitation as a mere tool to generate money for those who wish to hijack it.

Can it be stopped ?

Will this story make it on digg ? Will those who do this type of thing see this as some sort of threat to their cheating ?

Who's to know.

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