Thursday, December 25, 2014

Samsung SGH-T399 KitKat ROM

Floating around the XDA forum is a Kitkat rom / guide.  I was able to get the phone up and running but kept getting the error "no sim" or something like that.  After I installed the modem from this post it worked fine.

directions and downloads for update sgh-t399 to kitkat

zip for modem

in short, follow all the steps at the first url - then before rebooting install the zip from inside twrp (etc).

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Netflix screen tearing Win7 solution

Recently I started getting a lot of screen tearing in Netflix, especially when full screen.  This only started happening recently and Google wasn't much help. 

The fix for me was to go to

System properties > performance settings > adjust for best performance

Something about Windows Aero being enabled let's Windows process video better.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Win8 error "itunes has stopped working"

Recently itunes started crashing in Windows 8 64 bit with the generic error "itunes has stopped working" and then something about Windows trying to find a solution.  Of all the fixes I found online only one worked, installing an older version of itunes.  But first I made sure to uninstall the present itunes and then made sure the actual program files\itunes folder was fully removed.  Good luck!

Monday, January 27, 2014

iTunes won't open : solved ?

Started after upgrading to 11.4.  Downgrading to 11.3 didn't help, nor did making a new Windows user.  Symptom is click icon and nothing happens, usually can't kill process.  Re-installing quicktime seemed to work for 1 day.  Strangely, this works for me.

Open itunes, let it hang like normal.

Open a chat program called Digsby, must trigger some kind of library.  Now a blank white itunes window opens and I can't get to my desktop.

Open taskmanager and kill itunes related process (ituneshelper, ipod stuff, distnote, etc).

After that itunes opened almost right away and seems to be "ok"