Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I really don't get some web design people

"yes, lets use a white background, and for the font color...hmm...perhaps a light gray? 12 pt font? perfect."

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sideload Wonder Machine - Device not found (Samsung Galaxy S i897)

In short, get the android sdk then add it to your PC's paths.  Got it from here.

I found a solution to the problem of Windows using its own drivers for my phone, now I never have any problem getting ADB apps to find my device - props to Nephron over at XDA -. Assuming you have already installed Android SDK :Take the "android-sdk-windows" folder and move it to the root of your hard drive (C:\)
Right click on My Computer and click propertiesSelect the Advanced Tab or Advanced System Setting (Vista/Windows 7)Select Environment Variables...Press New
For Variable Name type: adbFor Variable Value type: C:\android-sdk-windows\tools
Worked perfectly for me.
There's nothing wrong with Extro's suggestion above.. just saying this is what worked for me