Thursday, February 10, 2011

Linksys WRT54GS2 slow wifi speeds - router locks up

I've had the WRT54GS2 for some time now and absolutely hated it. Over wifi the speeds are slow, the router can sometimes be unresponsive. The only thing that seems to help (and only temporarily) is resetting it.  So I just got comcast setup and over wifi the speed was crap, barely .5 megabit down, high ping, everything was very slow. Connected directly to the router life is great, 30megabits down - very low ping, life is good. Time to google.

Luckily thanks to sandman879 this problem is now fixed - my wifi speeds are *way* faster (12megabits). The solution is really simple.

1. login to the router (
2. click on Administration
3. change "Wireless Access Web" from Disable to Enable
4. click Save Changes

That's it, this is exactly what fixed my problems. Thanks again Sandman879!

ps.  I tried updating the Firmware previously and that didn't help at all :(