Saturday, June 07, 2008

IE4Linux Download problem during installation

So today during my install of IE6 / IE7 using IE4Linux I noticed it kept failing to download certain files about half way through and then would report that the file was corrupt.

I tried the IE4Linux installer a few times to see what was going on and also noticed that when the file was failing it would fail really quickly. What I mean by that is one moment it's downloading and everything is fine then the next moment it fails and says there is an error.

Here is the log of what happens :

IEs4Linux will:
- Install Internet Explorers: 6.0, 7.0
- Using IE locale: EN-US
- Install everything at: /home/remote/.ies4linux
[ OK ]

Downloading everything we need
Downloading from
53% IE_S1.CAB!! An error ocurred when downloading. Please run IEs4Linux again. Corrupted file: ie6/EN-US/IE_S1.CAB

The fix for this is really simple. When you first run the IE4Linux install click the "Advanced" button and add the code below to the Wget flags section.

-t 10 -T 10

So the full thing should read

-c -t 10 -T 10

This tells Wget to use a network time out of 10 seconds and to retry 10 times upon failure. As soon as I used these options the downloads worked with no problem.



sixblackbeans said...

Worked like a charm. I was going nuts restarting it multiple times. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Went without a hitch, nice to know that generally for any wget in the future too. Thanks, again.

Anonymous said...

It helps me.
Thank you.

Setzor said...

finally, couldn't find an answer to this anywhere else. was about to bash in my 24" lcd...

mike said...

I was going nuts here and this seems to have helped big time. Thanks for posting this. I will be doing something here myself and will make sure to give you credit for this posting.

Alex Gold said...

Thanks YouTube for trying to make sure that everyone on your site has s good time! Keep up the GREAT work. 

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