Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wordpress theme keep changing ?

If your Wordpress theme keeps changing automatically here is a simple work around. Some people report "new themes" showing up or it changing back to the default Wordpress theme.

The solution I used goes like this :
  1. Copy the folder of your current theme
  2. Rename the old "default" folder to something else
  3. Rename the copy of your current theme "default"
Now every time Wordpress changes themes on you it should still load your current theme.

A downfall to this is when you update your template or images you have to do it for both copies of the theme.

If possible you might be able to make a symbolic link (a shortcut) if it's a Linux operating system using the a command like :

ln -s .../themes/theme_name .../themes/default

Please let me know if you have any errors.

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