Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cingular Sucks

The situation with Cingular is getting out of control. Their service is so bad I want to throw the phone through a window.

This isn't my first rant about Cingular and I'm sure it wont be my last. You may be thinking, "just change services". You better believe the moment I can afford to get a new cell phone service I'm switching.

I've come to realize something about advertising - if a company claims one thing then you can be fairly sure the opposite is true.

Case in point : Cingular Wireless - "More bars in more places" , "fewest dropped calls".

Oh my god how I wish this were true !

I currently use two phones with Cingular (both on the same number - I just swap the SIM card) a Motorola V180 and a Siemens C56. The V180 is about a $100 - $200 dollar phone depending on where you get it and the C56 is a little bit older but still goes for about $50 or so. Both phones are of decent quality and in the past have done a good job.

I used both of them with AT&T Wireless before they became "partners" with Cingular and life was just grand then. I had about 75% less problems with my service when it was just AT&T Wireless. Since then Cingular has "upgraded" my service to full blown sucking.

I live in the fourth largest city in America.

You'd think if there were anywhere in America you could get awesome cell phone coverage and reception it'd be in a major market like this. Surely a huge cell phone company would be dying to dump truck loads of money into their network to make sure their customers got quality coverage.

So what is my cell phone coverage like ?

  • About 35% or more of my calls drop.
  • About 95% of my calls break up and I miss a few words occasionally.
  • About 65% of my calls break up so bad that occasionally I only hear every other syllable.

This of course includes calls made to land lines - so we know the problem isn't with the other persons cell phone or cell phone service.

I use to think the problem was my Motorola V180. But since then I've started using my Siemens C56 a lot more and it gets the exact same problem so we know the problem is not the phone.

Personally I hope the entire Cingular Wireless company goes bankrupt. I'm so sick of their service it is beyond belief. I literally feel like I'm talking over a can-and-string network or that I'm hiding in a hole somewhere in Iraq trying to make a call as F-16 fighter jets fly over head.

At least that would make sense.

If I lived in a 2nd or 3rd world country I'd totally expect my cell phone coverage to suck and I'd be OK with that. But to have the absolute worst cell phone coverage of my entire life while living in the fourth largest city in America ?

That makes no sense at all.

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